Sam Patel - REALTOR®

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Welcome to an exciting new chapter in Calgary real estate. We are fortunate to live in a dynamic, world-class city, offering enviable quality of life, outstanding communities and boundless opportunities, all at the doorstep of the majestic Rocky Mountains.

It’s the place we live, work and play. It’s the place we call home.

I am a real estate professional grateful to have enjoyed a strong track record of success over more than a decade of experience in this unique and ever-shifting market.

It’s a market rich in diversity and sophistication, with its own unique cycles. While sometimes challenging to predict, it is also a valuable teacher that offers great opportunities and rewards to those who study closely and do their homework.

But first and foremost I am a husband, dad and proud Calgarian.

I grew up here and I have lived and breathed this city in all its stages of evolution. I love everything about it — the restaurants, attractions, parks and sports, the ethnic festivals, diversity of vibrant neighborhoods and so much more.

Today I am fortunate to have a family including a great wife who is a teacher in the local school system, a boy in Grade 7 and my daughter in grade 3. We enjoy this young, energetic, growing city and province, and all it offers — it’s our home and there is no place we would rather be.

I’m always reminded that while there’s real estate, there’s also real life. Finding that connection point that brings both of these elements together is, for me, what truly makes a great real estate decision — whether you’re focused on the process of selling, finding a new home or looking for an investment property. Having the opportunity to truly connect with my clients and help them find that perfect fit is what I love most about this profession.

Please feel free to contact me anytime. Whether to have a simple chat on the market, address any questions on your mind, or to look more closely at how I might be able to help. I love getting to know people and hearing their stories.

I enjoy sharing regularly on real estate, the Calgary market, and also lots of fun personal insights on my passions for enjoying Calgary, great food, sports, family life and more.