Live in the south east? Here are your September sales stats:

Activity is heating up, with lots of opportunity for both buyers and sellers.

For those who haven’t checked out Calgary’s south east corner in a while, it’s worth a fresh look. I’ve handled a number of properties in this area in recent weeks, including these three sold: Copperleaf Way, Mahogany Bv and Cranleigh Heath; and this new listing: Cranwell Sq.

Fast-rising communities

With fast-rising communities including Copperfield, Cranston, Auburn Bay, McKenzie Towne, Mahogany and New Brighton, this fresh and dynamic part of the city has undergone a major transformation in recent years, with lots to offer for all types of buyers.

Want an escape-the-city feel? More choice and affordability? How about a lake community or something with a close-to-nature appeal? Add the new ring road close by for easy transportation, fast access to the new south east health campus, and one of the best locations in the city for golf course access. . . there is a lot to appreciate in the south corner!

Lots to offer

It’s a part of the city that tends to get overlooked. But in fact the south east corner is rich in many ‘hidden gems’ of outstanding buys – ones that deliver excellent immediate value along with a strong future outlook for property value, as these communities continue to develop.

September saw a major spike in real estate activity in a number of south east corner communities. Here’s a look at the latest statistics (activity during most recent month of September):


Snapshot: A great community choice for families targeting that perfect balance of choice, attractive neighbourhood amenities, and strong affordability – all in a unique location at the city’s south east edge where nature is your neighbour.

Active listings: 87

Sales: 18

New Listings: 49

Breakdown: The 18 sales in September included 12 detached and 6 row houses. The 49 new listings included 26 detached, 12 apartment and 11 row houses. Total sales to new listings ration was 36.73%.


Snapshot: One of the largest established newer communities in the southeast, Cranston boasts an excellent diversity of housing choices along with new schools and other key advantages, such as close proximity to the bow river valley, golf courses and more.

Active listings: 115

Sales: 34

New Listings: 66

Breakdown: The 34 sales in September included 22 detached, 2 apartment, 3 semi-detached and 7 row houses. The 66 news listings included 42 detached, 8 apartment, 6 semi-detached homes and 10 row house. Total sales to new listings ration was 51.52%.

Auburn Bay

Snapshot: Pull up your Adirondack chairs! This attractive lake community saw a spike in listings during September. Lots 0f great opportunities in this still relatively young family and recreation oriented southeast community featuring a large lake as a focal point for year round activities.

Active listings: 91

Sales: 29

New Listings: 45

Breakdown: The 21 sales in September included 17 detached, 2 apartment, 9 semi-detached homes and 1 row house. The whopping 45 news listings included 21 detarched, 3 apartment, 13 semi-detached homes and 8 row houses. Total sales to new listings ration was 64.44%.

McKenzie Towne

Snapshot: This unique community featuring innovative neighbourhood design has matured into a top desired option in the southeast corner. McKenzie Towne brings a small-town-within-the-big-city feel, boasting its own main street, signature traffic circles and a wealth of restaurants, shops and more.

Active listings: 105

Sales: 38

New Listings: 60

Breakdown: The 38 sales in September included 19 detached, 9 apartment homes, 7 semi-detached homes and 3 row houses. The spike of 60 new listings included 27 detached, 14 apartment homes, 3 semi-detached homes and 16 row houses. Total sales to new listings ration was 63.33%.


Snapshot: This recent recipient of Canada’s Community of Year Award has an ambitious vision to offer a lake lifestyle unmatched anywhere in the country. It features a 22,000 sq foot beach club, sandy beaches, volleyball and tennis, etc. at the shores of what eventually will become Calgary’s largest lake within a lake community.

Active listings: 58

Sales: 25

New Listings: 28

Breakdown: The 25 sales in September included 15 detached, 3 apartment, 4 semi-detached homes and 3 row houses. The 28 news listings included 21 detached, 4 apartment, 1 semi-detached home and 2 row houses. Total sales to new listings ration was 89.29%.

New Brighton

Snapshot: A great lake community option architecturally designed like an old English village, bringing a unique mix of charm along with modern amenities and an excellent location to escape the city.

Active listings: 72

Sales: 22

New Listings: 40

Breakdown: The 22 sales in September included 17 detached homes and 5 row houses. The 40 news listings included 29 detached, 2 apartment, 1 semi-detached home and 8 row houses. Total sales to new listings ratio was 55%.

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