Learn the latest market insights at Realtor Day, Thursday, January 12, 2017

What does the Calgary real estate market hold for 2017? A great opportunity to learn the latest insights is Realtor Day – a discussion forum featuring Sam Patel, as part of an interactive talk series sponsored by CBIC.

Are you thinking about buying, selling, becoming a landlord or wondering what your home is worth? If so, please join us Thursday, January 12, at 6:00 PM, at Marda Loop Banking Centre, 2412 34th Ave SW, Calgary, AB (To register for this event before the 12th, call or email Marco Ferrara, Senior Financial Services Representative, Marda Loop Banking Centre. Tel: 403-267-1651 x224 Eml: marco.ferrara@cibc.com)

Get insights on:

Predicting the market evolution

Supply has been fairly low the past few months. Will that continue?

There are positive indications of a stable market, with the possibility of modest price increases particularly in the third quarter. Will this hold true? How should it impact strategies for buying or selling?

Good quality homes, particularly at key price points in the $650,000 and under range, remain a hot commodity. How can you take advantage?

Seizing the day on upgrade opportunities

For buyers in the right position, 2017 holds strong promise for making a move up. Is now the time to shift from a modest suburban home into inner city luxury or estate living?

Capturing unique negotiating window

One thing to always keep top-of-mind is that the market can shift quickly.

Positive news on pipelines. Economic forecasts showing a shift upward. These developments, like was seen in 2014, can shift confidence overnight to an environment of firmer price positions and multiple offers.

What is the best strategy to take advantage of today’s unique negotiating window, before it’s gone?

Make sure to attend Realtor Day to get insights and thoughts on all of this and more, including an opportunity to get your questions answered in this fun and interactive format.